Soft seal selection tool

Scope: Identify suitable material classes for soft seal subsea oil & gas applications.

Selecting the correct material for a sealing system is a challenging task. There are several considerations:

  • Fluid exposure
  • Temperature and pressure
  • Service life and duration of exposure
  • Seal design

The Soft Seal Selection Tool will help guide the user through both temperature and fluid considerations. It enables the user to have a first pre-selection of possible material classes that may suit a specific subsea sealing application. These selections are based on long experience with use and qualification of soft seals for such applications, and are within current industry practice.

Additional services
Additional evaluation including review of qualification reports, suggestion of specific elastomer grade as shown below:

  • Suggestions for specific material grade based on available test reports and general industry practice
  • Evaluation of existing test reports
  • Specifying qualification testing and writing up test procedures
  • 3. Party test witnessing, suggestions for test facilities etc

For consultancy packages and pricing, please contact Alexandra Torgersen

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Selection tool

Material recommendation

Change alternatives to see recommendation

No material recommendation available. Polymer or Metal-to-metal sealing should be considered
? Testing of actual sealing design with different special grade materials must be done to identify suitable combination
* Specific low temperature grades of NBR and HNBR needs to be selected, and qualified using actual sealing design, temp and fluid.
** Special care must be taken and qualification should be done with actual sealing design, temp and fluid
*** Dilute concentrations only. For neat concentrations, PTFE or metal-to-metal should be considered