Elastomer and Soft Seal qualification

Qualification of soft seal solutions are often complex and require substantial investment in both time and resources. For many types of sealing applications there are available standards and requirements that give both methods and acceptance criteria. However, many applications are not governed by such industry requirements and standards are not necessarily suited for qualifying the exact application in question.

A comprehensive Soft Seal Qualification Guideline has been developed to guide the user through applicable standards, requirements and also assist where no standards are available. This guideline is based on years of experience with qualifying new soft seal solutions for a variety of subsea sealing applications. The guideline highlights both benefits and challenges with current standards, and also suggests methodology for how to qualify sealing solutions for special applications.

Soft seal qualification services include:

  • Soft Seal Qualification Guideline
  • Evaluation of applicable qualification requirements and needs for customer application
  • Evaluation of customer solutions and available test reports
  • Specifying qualification testing and writing up test procedures
  • Evaluate suitability of sealing design
  • 3. Party test witnessing, suggestions for test facilities etc

For consultancy packages and pricing, please contact Alexandra Torgersen

For material selection, please see soft seal selection tool.