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Energy Rubber Group fall Meeting

I am travelling to Galveston, TX to speak at ERG Fall technical symposium thursday Sept 19. The title of my presentation will be: Industry standards – a blessing or a curse.

I hope as many as possible can come and listen, as this talk will cover most of the fundamentals of how and why we use industry standards to qualify soft seals for Subsea use. Which standards are applicable, and what are the drawbacks of using these standards.

Sept 25 2013
Thank you very much for a great ERG Meeting. The educational and technical symposia were very good and attendance was high. Many talks about Equipment and Tools that were very instructive and illustrative.

My own talk was also well received, and it seems standards and how to use them is a topic Close to the heart of many in the audience. Many passionate discussions followed the talk and I am pleased to say that there are some very productive ideas on how to improve the standards. I will take these ideas back to Committees and hopefully we can see improvements on the next revisions of both some of these.